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A Year of Spicy Sex

The highly anticipated new book from Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, international sexologist and the author of the very sexy Urge, is finally here - and set to make your sex life sizzle! Dr Gabrielle wrote A Year of Spicy Sex to inspire everyone to revolutionise their sex lives, because sex is important - not only because we love it, but also because it is Good For You. A Year of Spicy Sex is for anyone who feels like their sex life has lost its zing, but especially for all the lovers and lovees in the world who want to turn their bedroom antics from good to great. Moaning, panting (the earth moved, birds sang), screamingly great! And with 52 red-hot, sure-fire sex recipes, A Year of Spicy Sex is the must-have handbook for consenting adults, containing creative and delicious recipes for heating up and reinvigorating sex. Recipes? Yes, that's right: A Year of Spicy Sex is a recipe book for your bedroom ! (Or for the kitchen table...)

Each sex recipe provides step-by-step details of setting, preparation, ingredients, recommended techniques, positions, play and talk...all the way through to boiling-hot orgasm delivery. Each recipe samples teasing, thrilling and erotic creations for anyone's sexual taste, from romantic and traditional to wild and kinky. There are oh-so-sweet seductions, sheet-sizzling tips and saucy sexperimentations for a bevy of satisfying, exciting and enriching nights of passionate sex. Pick a recipe at random from one of the six sections - Nibbles, Hot, Sizzling, Quick & Easy, Sweet and Gourmet - or work your way through the menu until you are replete with pleasure!

When it comes to food, we crave variety, and sexologist Dr Gabrielle says the same goes for our sex lives. Many people find they don't have the same passion they had at the beginning of their relationship and want to "zhuzh" up their sex lives. Answer: prioritise your sex life again, and make it fun. But there is no need to rush headlong into radical sex, as A Year of Spicy Sex has a sex recipe for everyone's taste, from romantic to raunchy, but always realistic (there's no silly, impractical suggestion of greeting your lover at the door wearing nothing but cellophane!). You can add your own substitutions, or use the sex recipes just as they are to cook up a little sweetness or spice in your love life. Designed to spark your sexual imagination, the 52 recipes (that is, one for every week of the year to make sure you never get bored!) provide every lover and lovee with creative sexy and sensual ideas to indulge in and enjoy.

Praise for A Year of Spicy Sex
"Lick your lips, loosen your shirt and prepare to dine at Dr Morrissey's table of earthy delights. With a great sense of fun and a relaxed practicality about its subject, Spicy Sex gives you all the ingredients and advice to take your sex life from slow simmer to rampant boil."
- Bruce Ritchie, Men's Health

"Stimulating, sexy and a little bit naughty - Spicy Sex has everything modern lovers need"
- Mia Freedman, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan, Cleo and Dolly magazines


Urge Dr Gabrielle Morrissey's second book on sex, Urge, is 'a snappy, smart, sassy infotainment sex manual geared to sexually savvy adults', published by HarperCollins and released in Australia in June 2002.

Gabrielle spent the better parts of 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 travelling around Australia, the UK and US, asking people about their sex lives. While simultaneously completing her PhD in sexology, she decided to use her spare time (!) whilst on the road, to conduct additional informal research on human sexual behaviour and current attitudes in sexual pop culture. The result is her book, URGE, released in Australia in June 2002, and internationally in November 2002. Gabrielle travelled widely to gather information, into the bedrooms of people from Kings Cross to Kalgoorlie, Byron Bay to Barwon Heads, Paddington to Perth. She interviewed people in couples clubs, in relationship ecstasy (and agony too), chatted to strangers about masturbation in cafes, and investigated every nuance of the sexual pub culture. Gabrielle tells the tales - good, bad and ugly - of the nature of informal sex research in rural and urban Australia, getting people to talk about sex to a sexologist, and shares some of the stories her willing participants divulged. She reveals just what people had to say when asked, "Favourite position?", "Worst sexual experience?", "Pick up lines that work?", "How important is sex in a relationship?", "What do you do to spice up your sex life?", "What makes sex GOOD?", "If you could learn anything about sexuality, what would it be?", "What research would you like to see on human sexual behaviour?" and "What's the most important thing people should know about sex?"

Packed with window-steaming, sheet sizzling, sexual insights, secrets, tips, reflections and advice, Urge is straight-talking, S-E-X in depth and in detail.

Praise for URGE
"Its sex style is bold and brash. Another Aussie muscling in on the ever expanding sex manual sex market, Dr Morrissey has a string of qualifications as long as your arm and prides herself on telling it like it is, using street language to demystify sex, rather than medical textbook phrases."
- Forum UK

"A straight-talking guide (not for the coy), which covers everything you could ever want to know about sex, from masturbation techniques to sex on drugs."

"Urge is a seriously good book."
- Deborah Avery, owner and proprietor of Pleasure Box

"Urge is one of the best sex manuals I think I've ever come across. Your style is so lively and different from other books I've looked at, even those which the media sometimes rave over! I had a lot of laughs reading the book, and particularly love your intros of "slang" words to describe a body part! I've learned a lot."
Faith Attwell, owner and proprieter of Passion Online

"It's a sizzling read: a mix of quirky sex trivia, playful jokes and explicit 'how tos' written in the kind of raunchy vernacular readers of the Forum column in the old Penthouse magazine may be familiar with. If you thought you knew every euphemism for parts of your anatomy and various sexual practices, then Morrissey's book may prove a real eye opener."
Courier Mail, Australia

"Urge is grittily real in the age of gritty realism...and is a welcome millennial move away from sex as a thing of fear and loathing...Urge is sassy and savvy and there are no holds barred in its contents...every aspect is explored."
The Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin, Australia

"Give in to every desire you've ever had, wondered about, fantasized about, or played out, with Gabrielle Morrissey's 400+ page sexual tell all. From pick up lines and one-night stands to foreplay, masturbation, and multiple orgasms, it's all in there. Gabrielle even delves into less travelled forms of fornication, including spidersex, drug use, and even - gasp - celibacy. No matter how you carve your coitus, this book fulfils your every wanton need."

"More than just a sex manual, the book cuts through medical jargon to deliver sound sexual health advice; it explores the ins and outs of the adult sex industry and surfs through erotica on the Internet, against a backdrop of tips and tricks that Cosmo girls will be glad to have at their bedside. Brilliant bedtime reading."
Cosmopolitan US

Sex in the Time of Generation X

Sex in the Time of Generation X Sex in the Time of Generation X was published by Pan Macmillan Australia in 1996, and is the 'how to - who with - when should we - where do we - why-or-why-not' sexposé book for every bedside table.

Covering the vast spectrum of sexuality, Sex in the time of Generation X delivers a frank, no-holds-barred look at what sex is, or can be, in today's world. Loosely defined, Generation X encompasses those individuals born between 1970 and 1980. In the nineties, Generation Xers are embracing, expressing and experimenting with their sexuality.

The book is written in accessible language, explaining everything from anatomy to autoeroticism, desire to dysfunction, and safer sex to sadomasochism. The refreshing honesty and sensitivity to all sexual orientations and behaviours makes this a groundbreaking book on sexuality, applicable to anyone inside or outside the Generation X experience.

Without a doubt, this is the book to answer the questions you have about sex - and the ones you haven't even thought of yet.

Praise for Sex in the Time of Generation X
"A fun read...and non judgemental primer that ranges from advice on where to do it that first time to explaining the evils of homophobia."
- Who Weekly Australia

"Sex in the Time of Generation X, a book which will be simple common sense to some and a bible of sexy good fun to others. "
- Herald Sun, Australia

"A great book to share with a partner or a group of friends. It s nicely presented with large headings, and cute, humourous sub-headings and the information in each chapter is up-to-the-minute and hype free. All manner of topics are covered including sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction and pregnancy...While it may be aimed at Generation X, it really is a book for any one of any age a winner. "
- SHE Magazine Australia, The 15 Self Help Best Seller Books

Dr Gabrielle’s Books

Dr Gabrielle has written three books, Spicy Sex, Urge, and Sex in the Time of Generation X. Spicy Sex and Urge are available in good bookshops and online. Spicy Sex and Urge have been translated into various languages and continue to be in high demand around the world. (Sex in the Time of Generation X is now out of print).
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Along with the print media publications Dr Gabrielle has authored herself, she has also been profiled or used as an expert sexuality source numerous times.


Dr Gabrielle is featured on a number Internet web sites as a contributor, commentator, interviewee and reviewer

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"Excellent - Upbeat and Entertaining"

"Gabrielle knows her stuff. Presented very well - Serious message with humor"

"Fun and informative! Well presented and easy to follow"

"Puts chocolate syrup into a different light"

"Professional, Humorous and clean"

"I love your openness and your Energy. It is easy to see that you enjoy what you do. Even when it's difficult. I find you extremely inspiring"