Dr Gabrielle Morrissey travels internationally regularly and is easiest to contact via her email address, If you have not received a reply email within three to five days, it is likely that Dr Gabrielle is currently travelling and only able to sporadically check her emails. Dr Gabrielle will reply to emails as quickly as possible.

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If you are a journalist or a member of the media and would like a quote or interview, please send an email with your return contact information.

If you would like to book a guest for an interview or profile a product or service on Dr Gabrielle’s radio show The Naked Truth, please email her directly to arrange this.

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Dr Gabrielle will only reply to emails with genuine addresses and contact information. As you are no doubt well aware, sex generates a great deal of spam on the internet, and Dr Gabrielle will not respond to hoax emails. To ensure a response, please make it clear your request for information is sincere, including your name and reply email address. All communication with Dr Gabrielle is kept in strict confidence, except sex and relationship questions which may be considered for publication. Any question published will have all identifying information removed. If you do not wish for your question to be anonymously published you must note that in your message to Dr Gabrielle.

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Dr Gabrielle’s Books

Dr Gabrielle has written three books, Spicy Sex, Urge, and Sex in the Time of Generation X. Spicy Sex and Urge are available in good bookshops and online. Spicy Sex and Urge have been translated into various languages and continue to be in high demand around the world. (Sex in the Time of Generation X is now out of print).
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Calls from the Naked Truth

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Print Media

Along with the print media publications Dr Gabrielle has authored herself, she has also been profiled or used as an expert sexuality source numerous times.


Dr Gabrielle is featured on a number Internet web sites as a contributor, commentator, interviewee and reviewer