Dr Gabrielle Dr Gabrielle Morrissey Hansen has been a human sexuality and relationship expert since 1990. In addition to her distinguished academic qualifications in the field, Dr Gabrielle has a successful track record in the media, in television, radio and print. She is the author of the internationall successful books: A Year of Spicy Sex (also known as Spicy Sex), Urge (also known as Hot Secrets for Great Sex) and Sex in the Time of Generation X. Dr Gabrielle’s books have been translated into multiple languages across Europe and are known by such titles as Satisfaction, Von Zart Bis Hart (Germany), Tirami Su (Italy), Jak Na To (Czech Republic) and Spicy Seks (Denmark). Her books are also available in English throughout Asia and as e-books globally through bookstore portals and on Amazon.com.

Dr Gabrielle is in the rare position of being a media-sure expert in human sexuality and relationships, with graduate training specifically in sex education, sex therapy and relationship communication. She received her Master’s degree in Education, specializing in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania and her Doctorate in Health Science with a specialization in sexuality from Curtin University in Western Australia.

From 60 Minutes to Big Brother, The Today Show to the Tyra Banks show, Sunrise to CBS, Dr Gabrielle has appeared on almost all major broadcast networks in Australia, the US, UK and Canada. To follow Dr Gabrielle, find her on Twitter as docgabrielle or Facebook as DrGabrielle.

Dr Gabrielle writes columns for newspapers and health blogs and contributes to magazines around the world each month. Dr Gabrielle’s sex and dating column in Body and Soul, in News Limited’s newspaper group is syndicated across Australia and is also online at www.bodyandsoul.com.au. Dr Gabrielle has been in print giving advice on love, sex and relationships every single week since 2002.

Dr Gabrielle has been on the radio waves in many countries for many years. Highlights include Sirius radio in New York, Life Matters on ABC and hosting her own show, The Naked Truth which grew in popularity until it became nationally syndicated across Australia, drawing in celebrity interviews about sex, dating and relationships from around the US and the globe.

Dr Gabrielle’s academic work and corporate lecturing in sexual health, public health and romantic relationships spans the world from North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Dr Gabrielle has held faculty and professional positions at Curtin University, Bond University, the University of Queensland School of Medicine and currently Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr Gabrielle travels the world delivering sexuality workshops for couples, parents, teens and tweens and is regularly scheduled to give her well known and loved infotainment talks on love, sex and life balance at various corporate and charity events, including YPO (Young President’s Organization). Her dynamic style and outstanding knowledge base has earned her a stellar reputation internationally.

Dr Gabrielle is available for private professional consultations with couples and individuals regarding sexual questions and relationship issues through email and Skype. Please contact her at: questionfordrgabrielle@gmail.com to have a question answered or to set up an online session.

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Dr Gabrielle’s Books

Dr Gabrielle has written three books, Spicy Sex, Urge, and Sex in the Time of Generation X. Spicy Sex and Urge are available in good bookshops and online. Spicy Sex and Urge have been translated into various languages and continue to be in high demand around the world. (Sex in the Time of Generation X is now out of print).
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