Educational Opportunities

With the field of sexology expanding, there are now a number of Universities around the world that offer courses specifically in this area. Below are some links where you will be able to find out more information about studying sexology-related fields. For a comprehensive list of sexology and sexual health programs around the world, including undergraduate degrees, Masters and Doctoral programs, and Post Doctoral Training, please visit

Dr Gabrielle gives guest lectures at various Universities across Australia, and around the world, and designs undergraduate and postgraduate sexology programs for several Australian universities. If you would like to be notified of upcoming academic lectures and programs, please join the Bananas and Melons Mailing List.


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Dr Gabrielle’s Books

Dr Gabrielle has written three books, Spicy Sex, Urge, and Sex in the Time of Generation X. Spicy Sex and Urge are available in good bookshops and online. Spicy Sex and Urge have been translated into various languages and continue to be in high demand around the world. (Sex in the Time of Generation X is now out of print).
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Print Media

Along with the print media publications Dr Gabrielle has authored herself, she has also been profiled or used as an expert sexuality source numerous times.


Dr Gabrielle is featured on a number Internet web sites as a contributor, commentator, interviewee and reviewer