Dr Gabrielle is featured on a number Internet web sites as a contributor, commentator, interviewee and reviewer, including:
  • MSN NZ Health and Sex
  • The Age - Why We Must Talk To Our Kids About Oral Sex. Article by by Bettina Arndt
  • Ask The Experts at Ninemsn Health - Dr Gabrielle joins the team of online health experts to answer all your sexual health questions.
  • The Australian - Mastering a Matter of Law and Science. Article by Sascha Hutchinson
  • The Bulletin - The Story of Oh! Article by Bettina Arndt
  • CLEO Online - guest sexpert.
  • The Courier Mail - Let’s talk about sex. Profile piece and interview with Dr Gabrielle. Article by John Wright.
  • Cosmopolitan USA - Bedroom Breakthroughs: Better Sex in a Bottle?
  • Cosmopolitan Australia - Sex Q and A (you will need a ninemsm passport to sign in to this site)
  • Everywoman Australia Magazine - Interview with Dr Gabrielle, Woman of the Week.
  • George Negus Tonight, ABC - Transcript of George Negus interviewing Dr Gabrielle on George Negust Tonight.
  • Men’s Health magazine - Sex in the Country: Just ask Adam and Eve: Sex in the open air is a forbidden thrill. Why wait?
  • - 10 Facts You Must Know About Weight.
  • RedBook magazine USA - How To Never Be Too Tired For Sex. Article by Charlotte Gregory
  • She Said Magazine - Men and porn: what's the deal? - Dr Gabrielle answers your questions.
  • She Said Magazine - A day in the life of Sexologist Dr Gabrielle Morrissey.
  • She Said Magazine - Interview with Dr Gabrielle about the writing of URGE. Article by Sally Schofield.
  • Sixty Minutes, Channel 9
  • Talk Sex with Sue Johanson
  • SW Magazine - Feminine Taboo.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald - Under Covers. Article by Catherine Keenan.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald - Radar section
  • The Sydney Morning Herald - What Mama Knows Best, Girls: Don’t Wait For Your Prince To Come
  • - Are We Getting a Healthy Dose of Safe Sex? Includes interview excerpts with Dr Gabrielle regarding the media and sex. Article by Alexandra Constantinou.
  • Voyeur: Virgin Blue Inflight Magazine - A Day in the Life of a Sexologist. Article by Joanna Hall.

Print Media

Along with the print media publications Dr Gabrielle has authored herself, she has also been profiled or used as an expert sexuality source numerous times.

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