So how much do you really know about sex? How do you rate the passion factor in your sex life? Is your relationship in need of a quick fix? Just click below on the quiz that you would like to take, sit back, and get ready to find out...

Quickie Quiz - Does Your Sex Life Need a Quick Fix?

For each statement below, give yourself one point for No and two points for Yes:
NO = 1YES = 2
  1. I am too tired for sex.
  2. Sex is saved for night-time.
  3. Generally I am too stressed for sex.
  4. My sex life lacks spontaneity.
  5. Sex outside the bedroom is unusual.
  6. Romance takes too much energy.
  7. I feel disconnected from my partner when we haven’t had sex in a week.
  8. I’d rather watch TV or read a good book than have sex.
  9. Sex requires too much scheduling to bother doing it more than twice a week.
  10. Often sex is done in a standard position.
  11. I have trouble relaxing.
  12. I don’t have time for a sensational sex life

If you scored:

12-15 points
Your approach to sex is good and your sexual life is healthy. You place sex as a high priority and make time in your life for varied sexual expression. Quickies can be incorporated into your life, not as a remedy, but for the extra thrill you seem to enjoy.

16-19 points
There is room for improvement in your sex life. You may wish to work on your time management and relaxation techniques with the use of the occasional quickie. You could infuse more passion and creativity into your relationship by adding alfresco quickie sex to your menu of delights.

20-24 points
Your sex life could definitely use a quick fix. Quickies are a good way to reconnect with your partner. Don't feel pressure to make sex unbelievable each time. Quickies can liberate you so you can have fun with sex again. Learn to arrange your priorities so your sex life doesn't suffer. You can indulge in quickies to help with your time management and passion.

Passion Quiz - How Passionate Is Your Sexual Relationship?

For each statement, give yourself the following points:
  1. I feel sexy and seductive.
  2. I enjoy turning my partner on.
  3. I initiate sex at least half of the time.
  4. I spend at least an hour with my partner everyday, checking in and communicating.
  5. I enjoy fantasising about sex.
  6. I know what stresses or problems my partner is facing right now.
  7. I enjoy talking to your partner.
  8. My partner is my best friend.
  9. I express my desires to my partner.
  10. I talk with my partner about our sex life.
  11. I prioritise intimacy by making time for us as a couple at least once a week.
  12. The last time I had sex, my mind wasn t into it.
  13. I feel my partner knows me well.
  14. I am satisfied with the frequency of sex in my relationship.
  15. When I watch a sexy scene in a movie, I resent that my sex life isn t as hot and steamy.
  16. I feel appreciated in my relationship.
  17. I spend more time and energy on foreplay and emotional intimacy than intercourse.
  18. I feel my partner listens to me.
  19. I actively listen to my partner.
  20. Pleasure is more important than orgasm during sexual play.
  21. I feel I have a healthy balance between my health, work, enjoyment activities and intimate sexual life.
  22. In the last month, I have (answer Yes or No only):
    • Worn sexy underwear to please myself and/or my partner
    • Played with a sex toy or accessory
    • Turned down sex
    • Gone on a romantic date with my partner
    • Started sex and then stopped
    • Laughed during sex
    • Snuggled with my partner after sex
    • Watched an X or R-rated sex film with my partner
    • Shared a sexual fantasy with my partner
    • Kissed my partner passionately
    • Told my partner I loved them
    • Masturbated and not told my partner about it
    • Experienced discomfort during sex
    • Regretted sex
    • Lamented that my sex life is unsatisfactory
    • Tried something new, sexually, with my partner

If you scored:

Between 0-19 points
Communication and creativity are both needed to revive the passion in your relationship. It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable talking about sexual desires, and needs in a relationship, but couples that do, often find their sex lives filled with connection, vigour and spark. Consider sharing this quiz with your partner, and using it as a starting point to talk about some of the ideas you might integrate into your relationship to infuse your sex life with excitement and passion. Remember to pace yourselves, and start with small, realistic changes. Honesty is the best policy, and open communication, along with a team effort toward trying new things, will go a long way in changing your relationship from unsatisfactory to unbelievable.

Between 20-39 points
Your relationship is on stable ground, but could probably use an adrenaline spark to increase the passion. You may be feeling that your relationship used to be amazing, physically and emotionally, but some of that shine has worn off. This is very common, and most relationships, at some point, experience phases of disconnection between partners, low libido, low interest in sex, and lack of sexual creativity. Good sex in a relationship is fostered 24/7, not just in those bedroom moments. Look at your whole relationship to revamp your sex life. Increase the time you spend together. Talk openly about your ideals for your relationship: sexually, emotionally, spiritually and practically. Commit to energising your sex life by prioritising it. Add some more creativity and playfulness to your lovemaking. Look at the list of behaviours and attitudes on the quiz and talk about them, and how you'd like to commit to enhancing some of them, together. Step forward together down the path to being the couple you desire and envision for yourselves.

40 points and over
Many others might envy you for the vital, intimate sex life that you have. You are connected to your partner and enjoy your healthy relationship. We are all human, however, and not machines, so experiencing a passionate sex life doesn't mean absolutely everything is perfect. Sexuality is a life long learning process, especially sexuality shared in a relationship. Be aware that one of the only things you can count on being steady in life is change. Be prepared for change, and growth, in your relationship. Continue the essential behaviours of open communication and creativity in your relationship. It will put you in good stead for the future. Be mindful, that as we change, the need to continually communicate and check in with your partner becomes more acute. A love life assessment and 'zhoozh' to revamp and revive your emotional and sexual intimacy, once a year, or every couple of months, doesn't go astray. Just like many people regularly assess their finances and life goals, so should even the most solid couples talk with each other, to reinforce their priorities and passion for each other. Your relationship is positively passionate, and you and your partner deserve gold stars for relationship and sexual investment, but don t take it for granted! Great passion is actively pursued, not accidentally passive.

Test Your Sex Knowledge - How much do you know about sexuality?

  1. Is it safe to use a toy both vaginally and anally?
    1. No, not ever
    2. Yes, sex toys are always hygienic because they are usually plastic or silicone
    3. Yes, if you wash yourself before switching orifices
    4. Yes, if you use a condom over the toy and change the condom before you switch orifices

  2. A man can be sexually aroused without having an orgasm.
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE

  3. In the male sexual reproductive anatomy, the glans is:
    1. A name for the balls
    2. The head of the penis
    3. The base of the penis
    4. Where sperm is produced

  4. You can't get pregnant:
    1. The first time you have sex
    2. If you do it standing up
    3. From a vibrator
    4. If you jump up and down afterwards

  5. The labia majora is:
    1. The outer lips surrounding the vagina
    2. A sexual position
    3. Located inside the vagina
    4. Part of the male anatomy

  6. The clitoris can increase in size and get erect like a penis when stimulated.
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE

  7. The frenulum is:
    1. The scientific term for a heavy set of balls
    2. The sensitive skin located just under the penis head
    3. Nothing to do with sexual anatomy
    4. The skin located around the anus

  8. If a woman isn't wet, she isn't sexually aroused.
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE

  9. A man can make his penis bigger by doing special exercises.
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE

  10. Ben-Wa Balls are:
    1. A device that is inserted in the anus
    2. A sex toy that stimulates a mans testicles by vibrating them
    3. A device that is inserted in the vagina and worn to tighten vaginal muscles
    4. Balls that you massage over your sore muscles

  11. The G-Spot:
    1. Is supposed to be located on the inside, front wall of the vagina
    2. Would be nice if it really existed, but, alas, it does not.
    3. Is outside, on the vulva, right near the clitoris
    4. Is somewhere in the Philippines

  12. A dildo is:
    1. A sex toy that generally resembles a phallus
    2. A sex toy that vibrates
    3. The name for the lower half of the rectum
    4. A brand of lubricant

  13. A penis pump is:
    1. A milking device used to help a man ejaculate on command
    2. A popular S&M device usually used on a man's penis while he is tied down
    3. A device used to enlarge the penis and erection
    4. An instrument used to prevent young boys from masturbating

  14. What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?
    1. Vibrators are made of plastic, dildos are made of silicone
    2. A dildo doesn't vibrate
    3. Vibrators come in a wider range of colours
    4. There is no difference

  15. What is the best way to store the batteries for your sex toy?
    1. You should remove them from the toy and store them separately
    2. You should leave them in a toy so they don't get lost
    3. You shouldn't stop using your sex toy until the batteries are dead
    4. You should discard them and use a new set of batteries with every use

  16. What is the largest human sexual organ?
    1. Penis
    2. Pelvic floor muscle
    3. Skin
    4. Vulva

  17. What is the most important human sexual organ?
    1. Eyes
    2. Brain
    3. Ovaries
    4. Penis

  18. Men desire more sex than women.
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE
To find out the correct answers to this quiz, please click here.


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