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Sexology Societies

SAS (Society of Australian Sexologists)
The Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. (formerly the Australian Society of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists – ASSERT National) is dedicated to educating professionals and the public about sexology and sexual health related matters to support the positive integration of sexuality into people’s lives. The Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS Ltd.) is a multi-disciplinary professional group founded in 1977 by two Sydney psychologists to provide opportunities for people working in the field of sexology to meet and exchange ideas of common interest. Although ASSERT originated in NSW, branches of SAS Ltd. have now been established in most other states.

AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists)
The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) is a not-for-profit, interdisciplinary professional organisation. In addition to sexuality educators, sex counselors and sex therapists, AASECT members include physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, allied health professionals, clergy members, lawyers, sociologists, marriage and family counselors and therapists, family planning specialists and researchers, as well as students in relevant professional disciplines.

BASRT (British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy)
BASRT is the national specialist charity for sexual and relationship therapy. This web site contains all the information you need about us, particularly a list of therapists. It also provides links to related organisations. As well as information for the general public there is information for members available through use of a password.

European Federation of Sexology
The European Federation of Sexology has 27 active member societies and associations. EFS represents sexologists, sexual medicine clinicians and sex educators across Europe.

The International Academy of Sex Research
The International Academy of Sex Research is a scientific society whose objectives are the promotion of high standards of research and scholarship in the field of sexual behavior by fostering communication and cooperation among scholars engaged in such research.

SSSS (The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality)
The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about sexuality. It is the oldest organisation of professionals interested in the study of sexuality in the United States. SSSS brings together an interdisciplinary group of professionals who believe in the importance of both the production of quality research and the clinical, educational, and social applications of research related to all aspects of sexuality. (Society for Human Sexuality) is a social and educational organization whose purpose is to promote understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression. This web site is devoted solely to sexuality education and information, and is completely free.

SIECCAN (Sex Information and Education Council of Canada)
SIECCAN is a national non-profit educational organisation established in 1964 to foster public and professional education about human sexuality. SIECCAN is dedicated to informing and educating the public and professionals about all aspects of human sexuality in order to support the positive integration of sexuality into people’s lives.

SSTAR (Society for Sex Therapy and Research)
SSTAR is composed of a broad range of professionals who have clinical or research interests in human sexual concerns. SSTAR's goals are to facilitate communications among clinicians who treat problems of sexual identity, sexual function, and reproductive life, and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas between those interested in research in human sexuality and those whose primary activities are patient care.

WASS (Western Australian Sexology Society)
The Western Australian Sexology Society was established in 1986 to provide professional development, linkage and support for those people working in the broad areas of sexology. WASS provides access to an e-group, a monthly newsletter, linkage to the Australian Society of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists (ASSERT), linkage to specific state, national and international sexology networks, discussion groups and special interest groups, a monthly presentation and networking meeting, discounted registration at WASS and ASSERT conferences, and a competency based Professional Membership as an accredited sexuality therapist, educator or researcher. The Sexology program at Curtin has a close association with WASS, and many students are members, who also present their research or passion at monthly meetings.

World Association for Sexology
The World Association for Sexology promotes sexual health throughout the world and lifespan by developing, promoting and supporting sexology and sexual rights. WAS accomplishes this by advocacy actions, networking, facilitating the exchange of information, ideas and experiences and advancing scientifically based sexuality research, sexuality education and clinical sexology, with a transdiciplinary approach.

International Sexuality Links

The Alan Guttmacher Institute
The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) is a nonprofit organization focused on sexual and reproductive health research, policy analysis and public education. AGI publishes Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, International Family Planning Perspectives, The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy and special reports on topics pertaining to sexual and reproductive health and rights. The Institute's mission is to protect the reproductive choices of all women and men in the United States and throughout the world. It is to support their ability to obtain the information and services needed to achieve their full human rights, safeguard their health and exercise their individual responsibilities in regard to sexual behavior and relationships, reproduction and family formation.

American Board of Sexology
The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists was founded in 1986 as the educational arm of The American Board of Sexology.

Betty Dodson
This website is devoted to liberating masturbation, erotic sex education, and promoting sexual diversity. Many of my (Betty Dodson's) art forms have centered around celebrating orgasms alone, in partnersex, and beyond. Since sexual expression is natural and healthy, I regard all writing and discussion about sexual matters as educational, enlightening, and protected speech. I also regard art which depicts human sexuality either directly or indirectly as an expression of the human spirit and protected imagery. Join me for an honest, intelligent, and fun loving exchange of ideas and images about my favorite subject, SEX.

The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association
HBIGDA is a professional organization devoted to the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders. HBIGDA provides opportunities for scientific interchange among professionals through its biennial conferences and publications. It develops and publishes Standards of Care for the treatment of gender identity disorders. These internationally accepted guidelines are designed to promote the health and welfare of persons with gender identity disorders.

The Hideout
The Hideout provides help, information and support for children and young people - whether you're currently living with violence, you've experienced violence in the past or if you know someone else going through it and you're looking for help and information. We've included lots of information to explain what domestic violence is, how it affects you and where you can go for more help. Most importantly we want The Hideout to be a site where you can know and feel that you're not alone and that the abuse is not your fault. Domestic violence should not be a painful secret - it is okay to talk about what's going on. Every child and young person deserves to live a life free from abuse and in The Hideout we want to remind children and young people of this. We believe in your strength and in your right to safety and happiness.

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) links national autonomous Family Planning Associations (FPAs) in over 180 countries worldwide. It is registered as a charity in the United Kingdom and is the largest voluntary organization in the world to be concerned with family planning and sexual and reproductive health.

The International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health
The ISSWSH is a multidisciplinary, academic and scientific organization whose purposes are to provide opportunities for comunication among scholars, researchers, and practitioners about women's sexual function and sexual experience, to support the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in research, education, and clinical practice of women's sexuality, and to provide the public with accurate information about women's sexuality and sexual health.

Kinsey Institute
The mission of the Kinsey Institute is to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender and reproduction.

Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology
The Archive for Sexology mission is to promote, protect and preserve sexual health through original research and by collecting, analyzing and disseminating scientific information from other sources.

Marie Stopes International
Marie Stopes International (MSI) was established in London in 1976 and grew out of the organisation originally set up by Dr Marie Stopes in 1921. In 1977, MSI set up its first overseas centre in Ireland and a year later set up a programme in India. Today, the MSI Global Partnership provides sexual and reproductive health information and services to 4.2 million people worldwide in 37 countries across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Nerve exists because sex is beautiful and absurd, remarkably fun and reliably trauma-inducing. In short, it is a subject in need of a fearless, intelligent forum for both genders. We believe that women (men too, but especially women) have waited long enough for a smart, honest magazine on sex, with clich��-shattering prose and fiction as well as striking photographs of naked people that capture more than their flesh.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood believes in the fundamental right of each individual, throughout the world, to manage his or her fertility, regardless of the individual's income, marital status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or residence.

Sexual Dysfunction Association
The Sexual Dysfunction Association is a charitable organisation which was set up to help sufferers of impotence (erectile dysfunction) and their partners and to raise awareness of the condition amongst both the public and the medical profession.

Society for Human Sexuality
The Society for Human Sexuality is a social and educational organisation whose purpose is to promote understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A) is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition-oriented fellowship based on the model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The only qualification for S.L.A.A membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction. S.L.A.A is supported entirely through the contributions of its membership, and is free to all who need it.
The Sexual Health Network is dedicated to providing easy access to sexuality information, education, mutual support, counseling, therapy, healthcare, products and other resources for people with disabilities, illness, or natural changes throughout the lifecycle and those who love them or care for them.

Sexwise BBC World Service
Sexwise Online, the web resource of a global sex education project.

SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States)
SIECUS is a national, non-profit organisation which affirms that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living. SIECUS develops, collects and disseminates information, promotes comprehensive education about sexuality, and advocates the right of individuals to make responsible sexual choices.

Society of Sexual Health Advisers
The Society of Sexual Health Advisers (SSHA) is a UK national organisation with approximately 300 members out of an estimated 350 sexual health advisers in the country. It provides an opportunity for members to meet and work towards further professional development. The role of the sexual health adviser varies enormously from clinic to clinic. It involves working with individuals and groups affected by issues related to sexual health in general and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) in particular. Their role will commonly embrace partner notification/contact tracing, sexual health promotion, teaching/training, counselling, and research and audit.

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is the world's largest international source of funding for population and reproductive health programmes. UNFPA works with governments and non-governmental organizations in over 140 countries, at their request, and with the support of the international community. We support programmes that help women, men and young people plan their families and avoid unwanted pregnancies, undergo pregnancy and childbirth safely, avoid sexually transmitted infections(STIs) - including HIV/AIDS, combat violence against women. Together, these elements promote reproductive health-a state of complete physical, mental and social well being in all matters related to the reproductive system. Reproductive health is recognized as a human right, part of the right to health.

Vulval Pain Society
A UK volunteer group providing information to women who suffer from vulval pain, and their partners.

Australian Sexuality Links (National)

Ask the Experts: ninemsn Health
The Ask the Experts section of the ninemsn web site allows visitors to send health questions to members of an online panel of medical experts. Dr Gabrielle Morrissey joins the expert panel to answer sexual health questions online.

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
AFAO is the peak non-government organisation representing Australia's community-based response to HIV/AIDS. AFAO's work includes education, policy, advocacy and international projects.

Australian Reproductive Health Alliance
The Australian Reproductive Health Alliance's mission is to promote public support for enhanced reproductive and sexual health in Australia and internationally, and promote the advancement of the status of women and girls by means of and including: the production of educational materials; the organisation of seminars and workshops; the preparation of briefing materials for members of the press; networking with parliamentarians, government departments and other interested parties as required; and the support and promotion of alliances with opinion makers with comparable aims and objectives. We promote knowledge, education and research relating to the development of family planning and other reproductive health services, paying particular attention to the needs of indigenous people, both within Australian and internationally.

The Australian School of Tantra
The Australian School of Tantra (ASOT) provides quality education in tantra, Tantric sexuality, erotic sexuality, relationship and communication skills, Taoist sexuality, Tantric massage, Tantric techniques to enhance and extend sexual pleasure for couples, and for women and men to share with current and or future partners. is Australia's premiere organisers of Buck's Parties and Boys Weekends away. We focus on providing you and your mates with an adventurous weekend away you'll remember for a long time to come! Whether you want to go Deep sea fishing, Quad biking, Bungee Jumping, Golfing or go completely nuts and fly a Jet Fighter or just about anything else, you can select one of our popular packages or create your own awesome weekend away on almost any budget! If there's nothing there that you want or you have something specific in mind, let us know and we'll see what can be done!

GAIN Inc (Gynaecological Awareness Information Network)
GAIN is a community-based organisation of dedicated women who have endured the trauma of being diagnosed and treated for gynaecological conditions. Many women afflicted with gynaecological conditions feel alienated and isolated. They often suffer in silence, afraid of what they don't know, and lack the courage to share their anguish. GAIN was established to assist women to find the information they need to make the 'right' health choices for them and to provide support as they face these challenges, encourage healthcare professionals to be more sensitive and responsive to the needs of women with gynaecological problems and the effects on their sexuality, provide community education to promote awareness of gynaecological health, diseases and associated illnesses in the hope of early detection and proper diagnosis, improve the efficiency and efficacy of resources available, and establish an Australian National Gynaecological Awareness Day.

HealthInsite: Sexual Health
The HealthInsite web site is a Commonwealth Government of Australia initiative containing comprehensive information on family planning and fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, puberty, safe sex, sex in later years, sexual abuse and assault, sexual development, sexual health for men, sexual health for women, sexuality, sexually transmitted infections, and young people and sex. is Australia's premiere organisers of Hens Nights, Parties and weekends away in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We specialise in organising relaxing, exciting and pampering group weekends away. Whether you want to go horse riding with the girls, visit a beauty spa, go on a wine tour or take a lazy weekend cruise, we can help you make it a weekend both your hen and the group will thoroughly enjoy and remember for a long time to come. So please select from either one of our popular packages or plan your own exciting weekend away using our event planner.

Impotence Australia
Impotence Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that was set up to decrease the suffering of men with impotence and their partners by providing quality telephone counselling. In addition to telephone counselling, Impotence Australia provides information fact sheets on many sexual issues. Impotence Australia strives to develop and maintain relations with consumers and health professionals to improve treatments and care. Impotence Australia is an independent consumer organisation with no ties to any clinical services.

Family Planning Australia
For over 25 years Family Planning Organisations (FPOs) have looked after the sexual and reproductive health needs of a large number of Australians. FPOs provide a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services that focus on prevention, early intervention, diagnosis and treatment, and community and professional education. Here you will find links for all states in Australia.

Marie Stopes International Australia
Marie Stopes International Australia (MSIA) is an Australian not for profit, non-government, tax deductible organisation (NGO), working with local partners and governments to provide vital reproductive health services in low income communities in Asia and the Pacific. We also work with Australia's Indigenous communities through MSIA's fully-owned charity, Marie Stopes Australia. MSIA works for the improvement of the health and quality of life of women and their families, helping them to exercise their right to enjoy reproductive health and have Children by Choice, Not by Chance. MSIA and its partners are committed to saving lives through reproductive health care.

Relationships Australia
Relationships Australia is an organisation that offers resources to couples, individuals and families to help enhance and support relationships.

Australian Capital Territory Links

Relationships Australia In Canberra and Region
Relationships Australia (Canberra & Region) started in Canberra in 1964 and in Wagga Wagga in 1974. The services are provided from 4 branch offices in the Canberra and the Riverina region.

Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT Inc.

New South Wales Links

Bobbi’s Pole Studio
Offers the unique opportunity to learn to Pole Dance like the professionals, along with a range of Exotic dancing classes all taught by Sydney's top Showgirls. Pole Dancing classes are held 6 days a week, lunchtimes, afterwork/evenings, and Saturdays. We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Terms for people who just want to get fit in a fun way, or for girls within the industry who want to take their dancing skills to a new level. We also offer monthly specialty classes in Lap Dancing, Table Dancing and Stripping and cater for Birthday Parties and Hen's Nights for the girl who has everything!

FPA Health (New South Wales)

PFLAG stands for Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays. We are a non-profit voluntary organisation whose members have a common goal of keeping families affected together. PFLAG is here to give help, support and information to families, friends and all gay people.

Relationships Australia
Relationships Australia (NSW) provides services from 17 branch offices. All programs offered by the organisation are operated under Service Agreements with either the State or Federal Governments, requiring us to meet prescribed standards of professional and administrative practice.

Northern Territory Links

Family Planning Welfare Association of NT

The Head Office is located at Unit 2, The Clock Tower, Dick Ward Drive, Trower Road.

Relationships Australia in NT
Relationships Australia (NT) provides services from two branch offices. All programs offered by the agency are operated under Service Agreements with either the State or Federal Governments, requiring us to meet prescribed standards of professional and administrative practice. The remaining funding comes from client fees and donations.

Queensland Links

Queensland Health
Sexual health information including Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, symptoms, safe sex, clinical information, school resources, training and development, policies and publications, statistics, resources and links.

Family Planning Queensland

Relationships Australia in Queensland
Relationships Australia (Qld) now has branches throughout Queensland - stretching from the Gold Coast in the south, to Cairns in the north and west to Toowoomba.

South Australian Links

AIDS Council of South Australia

Relationships Australia
Relationships Australia (SA) provides services from 7 regional offices in South Australia.

SHine SA (Sexual Health information networking and education)
Sexual health is about healthy life choices, an ability to enjoy and control sexual behaviour, freedom from fear, shame, guilt and violation which affects self esteem and harms individuals, communities and relationships, freedom from diseases, unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, and the right to choose positive expressions of sexuality.

Tasmanian Links

Family Planning Tasmania

Relationships Australia
Relationships Australia (Tasmania) provides services from 7 branch offices. Relationships Australia (Tasmania) employs trained professional staff to provide counselling to individuals, couples and families to enhance, maintain, or where necessary, manage changes in their relationships.

Victorian Links

Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society
The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society (ARCSHS) was established as the Centre for the Study of Sexually Transmissible Diseases in October 1992. The Centre is funded by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, is a collaborating centre to the National Centre in HIV Social Research and is affiliated with The University of Melbourne.

Family Planning Victoria

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) is a clinic in Melbourne. MSHC specialises in sexual health, specifically through testing, treatment and management of Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs). MSHC provides a range of direct client services, including testing, counselling and clinical management of STIs including HIV/AIDS. MSHC is the sexual health centre in Victoria with the specific role of providing sexual health services to Victorians and promoting sexual health throughout the community.

PFLAG stands for Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays. We are a non-profit voluntary organisation whose members have a common goal of keeping families affected together. PFLAG is here to give help, support and information to families, friends and all gay people.

Relationships Australia
Relationships Australia (Vic) now has 9 branches throughout Victoria.

Western Australian Links

Claremont Sexual Health
Claremont Sexual Health is a private medical clinic offering assessment and treatment of sexual health problems. It is located in the Perth metropolitan suburb of Claremont, Western Australia and is close to public transport with plenty of parking. The clinic provides holistic treatment for male and female sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases (STD's), hormonal problems, family planning and relationship counselling.

FPWA (Family Planning Western Australia)
FPWA has provided sexual health services, information and training in Western Australia for over 30 years. They advocate for sexual health practices which are safe, and for the removal of laws which discriminate against people on the grounds of their sexuality or gender, or which restrict the choices available to them. FPWA is committed to excellence in sexual health care, affirming that all people are sexual throughout life, have a right to information and choice, and that acceptance of sexuality is integral to health.

Freedom Centre
Celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2004, Freedom Centre provides a safe space, information, support and referral for young gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender and questioning youth. Based in Perth and Bunbury Western Australia, FC develops resources and publications for young people and professionals, and conducts training services for professionals working with young people.

Gay and Lesbian Community Services of WA
Gay and Lesbian Community Services is a charitable organisation whos main objective is to provide support and resources that allow people to explore their sexuality. GLCS also act as an advocacy and educational agency for issues relevant to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Housewives Institute of Essential Learning
The Housewives Institute of Essential Learning is committed to bringing knowledge and information to women that their mothers probably wouldn't, couldn't or didn't. From stripping and sex to strategic planning and succulent living. There are also books and clothes and games and toys (well there will be soon) that we believe will help women to have fun with their lives, because we also believe that women who are having fun make the best mothers, lovers and human beings.

PFLAG stands for Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays. We are a non-profit voluntary organisation whose members have a common goal of keeping families affected together. PFLAG is here to give help, support and information to families, friends and all gay people.

Relationships Australia
Relationships Australia (Western Australia) has 9 branches. All programs are operated under Service Agreements with either the State or Federal Governments, requiring us to meet prescribed standards of professional and administrative practice. Further funding comes from Healthway - The Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation, and client fees, donations and corporate sponsorships.

Relationships Australia
Relationships Australia (Western Australia) has 9 branches. All programs are operated under Service Agreements with either the State or Federal Governments, requiring us to meet prescribed standards of professional and administrative practice. Further funding comes from Healthway - The Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation, and client fees, donations and corporate sponsorships.

SECCA is a non-profit organization designed to support people with disabilities, in their efforts to learn about human relationships, sexuality and sexual health across the lifespan; as well as helping them to develop skills that will empower them to make informed choices, while acknowledging their own individual capacity to enhance the quality of their lives.

She Moves
Pole dance has come to Perth. She Moves offers sensualmoves, lapmoves and polemoves™ dance fitness classes to all women, there are no restrictions on age, weight or height. Our samplermoves nights invite you and your girlfriends to sample all of the she moves experiences and have a few giggles along the way. Come with an open mind and be prepared to have fun. By entering the spirit of the class you should expect to leave with a new awareness of long forgotten muscles and movements. Sensual yet demanding, the she moves program provides participants with a toning, fat burning session which will also increase flexibility and energy levels. Participants gain not only the obvious benefits of a firmer, more flexible body but also a sense of fulfillment, commenting how they now have a new way to think about their bodies - as sensual instead of just functional.

TransWest: The Transgender Association of WA
TransWest is the peak body of the trans-gender community in Western Australia. We seek to support people in such diverse groups as Transsexuals (Pre-op, Post-op & Non-op, both MtF and FtM), Transgenders, GenderQueer etc. Irrespective of their stage of transition or their intent to transtion. We seek to aide in the fight for recognition of rights for our constituents and via links with other organisations both Intersexed persons & Cross-Dressers. These other groups are distinct groups with their own issues and they speak for themselves, however, where possible TransWest seeks to be a broad ally against their oppression and against the oppression of minority Human Rights generally, where we can.

WA Aids Council
The WA AIDS Council, established in 1985, leads the Western Australian community in the provision of a wide range of services in the prevention of HIV, and the treatment and care of people living with HIV/AIDS.


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