All workshops contain expert and entertaining presentations by sexologist Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, and are also interactive, to address specific and individual needs and queries. All workshops are informational only, but may contain sexually explicit material. Take home resources may also be provided for participants to use and discuss privately, after the workshop.

If you would like Dr Gabrielle to offer a workshop on a topic other than those listed, or to arrange a specific workshop tailored to your audience needs (i.e. corporate, health industry, educational setting, hospitals, mother and daughter groups, etc), please feel free to contact Dr Gabrielle via e-mail.

In addition to those workshops listed, Dr Gabrielle also gives a very popular presentation, ‘Is Your Work Ruining Your Sex Life: Balancing Your Love Life From the Boardroom to the Bedroom’. Contact Dr Gabrielle directly for more information.

Pillow Talk: Passion, Pleasure and Power Couples

Is your work ruining your relationship, and your sex life? This two-hour workshop focuses on life and love management in today’s world of dual income families, single parenthood, and busy and stressful work lives. In our modern times and hectic lifestyles, sexual desire, expression and fulfilment can wane and often take a lower priority as careers and families, stress and time pressures, increase in life. As a result, we regularly become fatigued jugglers; busy being parents, peacemakers, managers, moderators, caregivers and career moguls - often to the degree that our sexuality gets neglected, or becomes a last consideration. This workshop looks at enhancing the four phases of the sexual response, including a journey into the world of sex toys, understanding the 5 ways of giving, and teaching couples the simple principles of effective communication, including deciphering body language and understanding "I" language. After a presentation of information, and a question and answer session, an hour of experiential activities, designed for you and your partner, will direct you, as a couple, to learn how to strategise your relationship needs and goals, and to balance work, parenting and loving. Adults only.

WILD! Women for Increased Libido and Desire

This three-hour workshop is designed for women only, and addresses female sexual desire, arousal and response. Women will learn about their sexual selves, including new research about the female sexual psyche, brain and body, and the five (yes five!) parts of the clitoris. Women will learn what men love most about sex, how to sizzle between the sheets with their partner, and entice, seduce and satisfy him. Participants will examine and discuss their needs and wishes, in sex and in love, and learn specific techniques and tips to reignite their libido, enhance their relationship, and infuse their sex life with oh, oh, oh so much pleasure, including a highly entertaining exploration and explanation of the latest range of sex toys for women. This is an interactive workshop for women who are coupled or single, of all adult ages.

Secret Sex Business for Men

Are women a mystery to you? Have you ever wanted to know more about what makes women tick, and what tickles her sexual fancy? This one-hour workshop demystifies the female sexual psyche, and body erotic for heterosexual men - single, or in a relationship. Get the real low down on her real low down hot spots - how to tease, tantalise and turn on those special female erogenous zones. Do you think the clitoris is a woman’s most important sexual organ? (No). Do you think the clitoris is a little love button above the vagina? (No). Learn how to turn women on with your mouth: with both your words and your kisses. This session focuses on what women want, need and expect, in balance with what you want, need and expect, and explores how you can get the loving you want for you, and give the loving you, and she, want for her. Women and men are more similar than different, we’re both from planet Earth, and this workshop will teach you how to make that earth move - over and over again. This is secret women’s sex business revealed for men: foreplay, function and fulfilment, positions, play and pleasure. You’ll learn how to zhoozh your sex skills from average to awesome, lighting your sex life on fire, for you, and for her.

Living Libido Loca

Remember that crazy, heady feeling of early love? When lust took hold of your body, making your knees weak, palms sweat, fluttering butterflies in your stomach, having a non-stop smile on your face, when you couldn’t concentrate, and found yourself saying and doing silly things in the name of love and the pursuit of pleasure? This two-hour workshop guides couples back to those initial stages of luscious loving. Learn about the meaning of love, love myths, love maps, and love patterns, and what happens to our brains and bodies when we fall in love, including the latest neurological research into love. Rediscover the person you fell head over heels in love with, and recapture that passionate lust. Couples preferred, but not essential. Adults only.

The Jellybean Diet: Recipes for a Sweet Sex Life

Transform your sex life from lean to keen ... and keep it that way with the 4-week ‘Spicy Sex Recipe Plan’ workshop. Remember the old theory about marriage, sex and jellybeans? For every time you have sex before marriage, and during your first year of marriage, put a jellybean in a jar. For every time you have sex after that, subtract a jellybean. The theory goes that you will never run out of jellybeans ... because in your whole married life, your sex life will never match the vitality and frequency of those first passionate months together. Forget that old theory! This half-day workshop will change and prevent that tired cliché. Sex in marriage, or long term relationships, does not have be starving, stale or sporadic. We can let it become that way because we allow our lifestyles to sustain a sex negative pattern, instead of a sex positive one. In just four weeks, you can transform your sex life so that you have jellybeans spilling over in volumes. This workshop focuses on changing negative relationship and sexual patterns, and enhancing all that is positive about your passion for each other by applying the four-week plan to your relationship. Each hour of the four-hour workshop is tailored to the successive weeks of the four-week plan, including sexual preparation, appetizers, main courses and desserts.

In the first hour, couples explore an emphasis on preparing the relationship for sex - and lots of it. What does she need? What does he need? Practical tips for both him and her, and why their needs are different. Hour two focuses on the various appetisers he and she needs and wants. These can be sensual as well as sexual, practical as well as pleasurable, emphasising how his and her needs are different but complementary.

Hour three gets to the heart of sex - physical pleasure, positions, setting, variety, fantasy, toys, attitudes - his and her top ten desires for the main event, and how to keep them interested not just once or twice, but a minimum of 52 times a year (yes, that’s every Saturday night!). Hour four looks at the all important, and much neglected, dessert time. What does he want for dessert? She? What’s the difference between ice cream sex and chocolate sundae swirl, with cherries and nuts, sex? How do you keep sex special over time? How do you stay connected, and continue your revitalised intimacy, once your sex life is humming along nicely?

In this half day, four hour workshop, the four-week spicy sex plan is outlined, and opportunities to apply it to your personal relationship are presented. This is a diet of more not less, to connect our minds for emotional intimacy, use our whole bodies for physical intimacy, and create time management and lifestyle strategies for lots of hot sex, rather than half hearted attempts at rote ‘Mcsex’. Sex doesn’t happen only in a bedroom - intimate, satisfying, emotionally connecting sex happens in a relationship, and a relationship is a 24/7 experience. So a spicy, sustainable sex life needs to occur within a sex positive, sustainable relationship. Feed your sexual urges, indulge in a buffet of delights, and focus on the four-week plan to take your sex life out of the beer fridge in the back garage, and onto the front burner, blazing with desire. Stop thinking your jellybean jar is half empty and get that jar overflowing with colourful, sweet sexual indulgence. Set out in a fun recipe theme, with specific ideas for him and her, and why and how their needs are different, this workshop will entertain, inform and whet the sexual appetite. Open to singles and couples, adults only.

Heart to Heart

In this era of sexual political conflict, same sex relationships are under attack. This workshop enables male and female same sex couples to address their concerns about their rights to legal relationship union and marriage, and explore avenues of intimacy and communication, specific to same sex relationships. This workshop will focus on the advantages of being gay, happy and healthy together, and concentrate on pleasure, play, passion, communication, commitment and critical issues in long-term relationships. The workshop will balance an understanding of the spectrum of sexual orientation, the nature-nurture debate regarding sexual orientation, current research supporting gay parenting, political rights, a celebration of diversity, and relationship to extended family. Couples and singles welcome, adult and young, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender, transsexual, androgyne individuals, as well as parents.

Saying I DO: The Do's and Don'ts

So you want to get married? If you’re about to commit to a marriage contract, this workshop is for you. Before you walk down the aisle, it’s important to talk through your realistic expectations of a life-long romantic partnership. This two-hour workshop guides couples through developing effective communication skills, an understanding of sexual intimacy and pleasure across the lifespan, and male and female expectations from relationships. Inclusive of the latest relationship, communication and sexual information, advice from successful life long couples, stories of lessons learned from divorcees, and insights from relationship experts, this interactive workshop will provide couples with the opportunity to develop their own personal relationship agreements which address issues of children, in-laws, blending families, work, finances, religion/spirituality, fidelity, sex, communication, fighting, compromise, home, travel, goals and more. This workshop is a must for all couples wanting to take their next step forward into a solid, secure marriage, as a grounded and glowing couple, with a clear understanding of each other, and successful skills for a connected, committed union.

Naughty Thoughts: Sexual Fantasies from Reverie to Reality

This three-hour workshop is for couples, and singles who want to explore and indulge their sexual fantasies. Bring your partner, or attend alone, because this workshop is about discovering your deepest sexual fantasies, and taking them from reverie - your dreams, to reality - your daily life. In this workshop, participants will learn about common and uncommon sexual fantasies, what sexual dream symbolism means, how to channel sexual dreams into real-life sexual desires, how to describe and express sexual fantasies, and how to act them out. From dominance to delight, submission to seduction, and fetish to frivolity, all sexual fantasies will be explored.

A wide variety of sexual fantasy literature will be provided to stimulate imagination, questions about sexual fantasies will be answered, and participants will be encouraged to delve into their sexual psyche to discover their inner most sexual needs and wants - for themselves, and their partner. Participants will learn how to write and express their own sexual fantasies, read aloud fantasy stories, increase their comfort with stating their fantasy wishes, and navigate the journey from imagination to innovation. Singles can expect to clarify their deepest sexual desires, and couples will explore each other's boundaries and bedroom wishes. While this is an interactive workshop, participants' privacy is highly regarded. This workshop is an introduction to exploring private fantasies, not a workshop in which participants act out sexual fantasies. This is usually an afternoon or evening workshop so that participants may take their knowledge and skills to their own home (or hotel) environment, for practical use, afterwards (if they wish). This workshop explores our most important sexual organ, our brain, and provides avenues for expansion, creativity and indulgence. Participation in this workshop is encouraged for those who love sexual fantasies, read sexual and romantic fantasy literature, those who have never had a sexual fantasy, those who are curious about making a fantasy a reality, and anyone and everyone else who is curious about sexual dreams, fantasies, naked theory and naughty thoughts.

Sex in Simple Steps: Talking to Your Children About Sex

Most parents are concerned and confused about how to talk to their children about sexual matters. What to say when? Who to say it? Will talking about sex encourage kids to experiment? Many parents assume that school sex education will cover all necessary information for their children about sexuality, but often this is not the case. As the parent(s), your voice and messages are strongest. Schools may provide the basic information about sexual health, but when it comes to sexual values and decision-making, the parental role is paramount. This interactive one-hour workshop will present principles of ‘teachable moments’, age appropriate topics, and how to handle the tough questions. Whether you are a parent of a 5 year old or a 15 year old, this workshop will increase your knowledge, skill and confidence to discuss sex within your value system, with your children, to prepare them for their own blossoming sexuality, in a healthy way.

Cyber-safety and your children: What every parent needs to know

It is common knowledge that the world of online sex is big. Dating sites, chat-rooms and sex sites are easy to find, easy to join and everyone wants to meet you. Chat rooms in particular are attractive for children and teenagers to meet friends, discuss common interests such as music, TV, sports and idols. It might be expected, that this blossoming of accessibility could lead to a more positive sexuality, tolerance and an opening up of a true spectrum of communication possibilities. Unfortunately, this has not entirely been the case. While there are positive aspects of sexual expression on the World Wide Web, the Internet has also allowed for the development of new angles on old crimes. Some people are now finding that the online world is not a safe place and children are not being taught about cyber-safety. Cyber-predators and pedophile rings are flourishing on the Internet, because it’s a perfect place to hide. Chat rooms are a major source of grooming and luring of children. The traditional golden rules of "stranger danger" taught to children by parents: Don’t give out your 1) name 2) phone number or 3) address, are not enough today to protect your children on the Internet. This one-hour session will outline the precautions needed to protect your children, while still enabling them to use the Internet for school and entertainment, safely and wisely. Parents will learn how to monitor their children, prevent access to 18+ sites, what to teach them, the concept and aspects of comprehensive cyber-safety, using programs such as Net Nanny, and effective parent-child communication about online use. Parents will also learn and discuss how to teach their children about communication and sexual dangers on the Internet without scaring them, and without making a negative impact on their social and sexual development.

This workshop has been developed based on the ground-breaking research of Forensic Sexologist Amanda Lambros.
  • Does your child have their own computer?
  • Does your child have their own mobile phone?
If you answered yes to these questions, this session is for you.
  • Do you monitor how many hours your child is on the net?
  • Are you with them while they are on the net, or do you discuss what they are doing on the net?
  • Have you ever discussed with your child sites you prohibit them from visiting on the net?
  • Have you ever talked to your child about their chat room use?
  • Have you talked to your child about what to do if they are uncomfortable in a chat room or pressured into inappropriate communication by a stranger in a chat room?
  • Do you have clear family rules about online use and cyber-safety?
If you answered no to any of these questions, this session is definitely for you.

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: Love and healthy relationships

A workshop for TWEENS: boys and girls aged between 10-13.

This workshop is fun and interactive and gets young boys and girls talking about bodies, friendships, how to talk to each other and what to expect from their teen years.

Topics covered include:
  • preparation for puberty - physical and emotional changes
  • preparation for feeling sexy - what is that and what does that mean?
  • the differences between boys and girls - how they talk, play and feel
  • healthy friendships and communication
  • rehearsal for decision-making
  • showing affection, being in a couple - what boys and girls expect and want
  • goals and expectations from relationships in your teen years
  • body image/body respect
  • media images versus real life
The workshop is two hours with a drink and snack break in the middle. The workshop will be filled with activities including fishbowl discussions, skits, mock speed dating games, "hot spot" scenarios, arts and crafts, and an anonymous box for a question and answer session. Kids will finish with a "Best Thing About ..." worksheet which they fill out and can show their parents to inform them of the activities and discussions, and also spark parent-child communication on the subject. It also informs parents the lines along which their child is thinking and valuing when it comes to sexuality, relationships and gender communication. Whether you’re a parent who openly talks to your child about sex, or not, this workshop will provide your child with the opportunity to learn about themselves, and the wide, wonderful world of sexuality, among peers, and facilitated by a trained sexologist.

Real Relationships in the Real World: Sex, Love and Everything In Between

A workshop for TEENS: boys and girls aged between 14 and 17.

This workshop focuses on learning about sexuality in a new setting: outside of school, and not with parents in "The Talk", but with a reliable sexologist to debunk the myths and provide facts and an arena for everyone involved to be heard. The emphasis is on understanding ourselves, our bodies, needs, wants ... and also understanding others.

Topics included are:
  • bodies and erogenous zones - think outside the box. We are more than our genitals! Getting a healthy perspective on the erotic body to start with
  • Outercourse behaviours (not focused on intercourse)
  • decision-making around sex, drugs and alcohol - barriers and bridges
  • talking to the other gender - are you being heard?
  • body image/body respect
  • values clarification on media messages
  • the role of sex in relationships
  • what is pleasure?
  • safer sex
  • dealing with pressure
  • getting privacy
  • seeking advice
The workshop is two hours with a drink and snack break in the middle. The workshop will be filled with activities including fishbowl discussions, skits, role plays, mock speed dating games, "hot spot" scenarios, arts and crafts, agree/disagree human continuums, and an anonymous box for a question and answer session. Teens will finish with a reflection worksheet, which they fill out and can show their parents to inform them of the activities and discussions from the session (if they wish to share), and also spark parent-teen communication on the subject. It also informs parents the lines along which their child is thinking and valuing when it comes to sexuality, relationships and gender communication. This is a fun, hip, ‘reality vibe’ workshop in which many topics are raised and many different kinds of teen relevant questions are answered. If you’re a parent who talks to your teen about sex, this workshop will enhance your teen’s confidence and decision-making, and if you’re a parent who doesn’t really talk to your teen about sex, this takes the pressure off you, because this workshop is everything you hope for your teen to learn to make healthy sexual decisions for a healthy intimate life and future.

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