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Relationship counseling, Sex therapy, Divorce Navigation, Educational workshops,
Corporate and Charity speaking, Media expert commentary

Dr Gabrielle has been a sex and relationship counsellor and educator for thirty years.

Dr Gabrielle is a global expert in sex and relationships.

For over three decades Dr Gabrielle has helped couples and singles have the love, sex, respect and intimacy that each of us long for, deserve and strive to maintain.

Dr Gabrielle is the love and sex expert’s expert. As a leader in sexology for over 30 years, she has trained sex therapists and relationship counsellors in multiple countries, authored three internationally published books on sex, hosted a nationally syndicated sex, love and relationships radio show in Australia, “The Naked Truth”, written popular love and relationships syndicated newspaper and online advice columns for over two decades, and appeared as a regular relationships expert on television in Australia, the US and UK. As an Associate Professor, Dr Gabrielle has also taught sexual health at 7 universities in the US and Australia: Curtin University, Bond University, The University of Queensland, The University of Texas, Houston, Baylor College of Medicine Texas, the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Pennsylvania.

She earned her Doctorate in Sexology in 2002 and Masters degree in Human Sexuality Education in 1995 and has served on multiple international Boards of peak bodies in sexual medicine, sex therapy, and respectful relationships education, including past President of the Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists.

Dr Gabrielle’s expertise in relationship dynamics, respect, sexual function, pleasure, communication styles and healthy divorce is in demand in print and in person. She currently writes ‘The Divorce Diaries’ for as the divorce, relationship and co-parenting expert columnist and hosts her podcast ‘The Divorced Sexologist’ available on all main podcast platforms. Her in person seminars and online webinars on healthy and unhealthy relationships, coercive control, healing from abuse and power-proofing your relationship for a respectful, equal love are offered to couples, community groups and corporates around the world.

Investing in leadership, she is a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum and professional member of the CEO Institute and the Non-Profit Alliance.

Dr Gabrielle believes healthy, happy, sexually satisfying, mutually respectful relationships are every person’s right and it’s her passionate purpose to help people find and have the love and sexual expression they deserve.


Sex Therapy



  • Relationship conflict resolution and reconnection for couples
  • Dating and relationship-seeking advice for individuals
  • Healthy divorce negotiation and navigation
  • Post-relationship healing
  • Sexual orientation and coming out support
  • Sexuality education and parenting support
  • Gender identity counseling
  • Narcissistic abuse education and trauma healing

Sex Therapy

  • Orgasm difficulties
  • Painful sex
  • Low libido
  • Decreased arousal
  • Vaginismus
  • Rapid ejaculation
  • Sexless relationships
  • Rebuilding lost trust and intimacy


  • Spark: reigniting the love and passion in your relationship
  • Power: is your relationship healthy, unhealthy or abusive? How to make your relationship the healthiest it can be, sharing mutual love and respect
  • Your Desire: What Women Want – Women only
  • Her Desire: What Women Want – Men only
  • Tinder or Tender: seeking the love you want – for singles
  • Boardroom – Bedroom – Balance: the importance of work-life-love balance in a corporate presentation because happy employees perform their best
  • Porn Education for Parents – Hard Truths about Deep Fake: how to talk to your kids about sex, porn, influencers and himfluencers


Dr Gabrielle believes resources and tools for loving, healthy relationships and a satisfying sex life should be affordable and accessible.

One-hour sessions are $110AUD (inclusive of GST, Medicare rebates are not eligible).

Individual and couple sessions are offered by zoom and in person.

Workshop and presentation fees are available upon request.

Interested in a session?

To enquire about sessions or to make an appointment please email Dr Gabrielle.



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